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LD Group Ltd. keeps more than 7,000 items in stock, which enables fast and quality service to the company’s customers. Import from Poland, Germany, Taiwan, China, Italy, Serbia, Turkey – allows us to offer a large assortment of products with which to satisfy all the needs of our customers.


LD Group offers its customers a wide range of tools:

  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Drills
  • Hand routers
  • Milling heads
  • Universal milling heads and profile knives
  • Circular disks
  • Interchangeable plates
  • Replaceable head plates for edging machines
  • Abricht knives
  • Carpenter’s clamp
  • Plexiglass and plastic tools
  • Aluminum Tools
  • Composite Tools
  • Carbide grinders
  • Carving chisels
  • Wood turning knife
  • Hand tools and accessories

You will find more with us

  • Poettker table mechanisms
  • Widgets
  • Spare parts
  • Glues
  • Wooden doubles
  • Plastic plugs for profiles
  • Steps and cachets for furniture
  • Wood putty

Some of our suppliers are: